So much of the world today revolves around contracts.  Although most contracts are written and signed, the law does not always require such agreements to be in writing.  From policies of insurance to promissory notes, residential home purchase agreements to complicated corporation acquisition agreements, contracts are a part of everyday life for many people and businesses.  The attorneys of JOHNSON & DAVIS regularly negotiate, draft, and review all types of real estate and business contracts and documents, including the following: 

  •  development agreements; 
  • covenants, conditions and restrictions; 
  • by-laws;
  • shareholder agreements;
  •  operating agreements;
  • partnership agreements;
  •  purchase and sale agreements for commercial and residential transactions;
  • vendor service contracts;
  •  employment contracts;
  • non-disclosure agreements;
  •  non-competition agreements;
  • commercial and residential lease agreements;
  • management agreements; and
  • licensing agreements.

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